April 23

Fun Friday Links: Financial Spring Cleaning, Innovation and Easter Eggs, and What Successful People Do on the Weekend

Fun Friday Links: Financial Spring Cleaning, Innovation and Easter Eggs, and What Successful People Do on the Weekend (via blog.mindjet.com)

Welcome to Conspire’s Super Happy Fun Friday Link Time, a weekly collection of cool discoveries from around the Web. Most times the goal is to get you thinking differently about communication, collaboration, culture, and life in general. Other times…

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April 19

El adiós a Gabriel García Márquez (autor)


Escrito por:  Felix A. Montelara

Autor: Potencial Millonario


El Autor, Gabriel Gacia Marquéz recibió el premio Noble de literatura en 1982, Colombiano que disfruto su vida en México donde murió el miércoles.  Marquéz es uno de los autores mas leído en el mundo, por su novelas geniales. Felix A. Montelara extiende sus condolencia al familia de Gracia Marquéz y al mundo entero por la perdida del gran autor.


April 19

Potencial Millonario Ep 25 / The Potential Millionaire Ep. 25

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Estamos en el mes de la educación financiera. En este episodio hablamos de los archivos mentales sobre la mente millonaria y la mentalidad pobre según Harv Eker, autor de los Secretos de la Mente Millonaria. También esta semana la secciones, “Lo que ustedes saber su dinero” y “Estirando su dolar”.

Espero que los disfrutes y tómese su café tranquilo y recuerde este es el mes para aprovecharnos de las venta de enseres electrónicos. Pero recuerde que todos tenemos Potencial Millonario.
Felix A. Montelara
Autor: Potencial Millonario


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April 14

Do You Have What it Takes To Become a Financial Literacy Award Winner? Here Are The 2014 Education In Financial Literacy Education (EIFLE) Awards Winners

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The Institute for Financial Literacy® 2014 Excellence In Financial Literacy Education (EIFLE) Awards winners are honored for their distinguished accomplishments in developing, implementing and promoting successful financial literacy education worldwide.

The EIFLE Awards were established in 2007 and have since become one of the most prestigious and sought after awards in the industry. Each year, the Institute for Financial Literacy presents EIFLE Awards to individuals and organizations that have shown exceptional innovation, dedication and commitment to the field of financial literacy education.


The work of these authors, educators, organizations and researchers inspires others to strive toward excellence as well, increasing the availability and effectiveness of financial literacy education in communities across the country.

I had the pleasure attending the Annual Conference on Financial Education. I met and interviewed some of the award winning individuals (see below) and I will make the interviews available in future blog posts and podcasts of The Potential Millionaire / Potencial Millonario – www.potentialmillionaire.net. In my conversations with the award winners it was made very clear that helping the underprivileged was a staple of their commitment to producing, teaching, and funding financial literacy programs. I learned that it was the core of their individual beliefs and corporate visions.  On behalf of The Potential Millionaire, I congratulate and commend all of the EIFLE winners.

The Institute for Financial Literacy website can be reached at www.Financiallit.org for detailed information on the EIFLE awards. If you know any of the award winners or just wan to say congrats,  please  leave a comment below. 

EIFLE logoHere are the 2014 EIFLE award winners:

For Profit Organization of the Year:

ING Bank Turkey

Organization of the Year, Corporate Leadership:


 Instructional Game of the Year:Tabletop


Goodwill Industries of West Michigan, Inc.

Nonprofit Organization of the Year:

Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada)

 Education Program of the Year:Children, General

Hartford Stage Financial Literacy Program

Hartford Stage

Education Program of the Year:

Children, Financial Responsibility & Decision Making


TrueWealth Ventures, Inc.

 Education Program of the Year:Children, Income & Careers

CU 4 Reality™ Financial Education Program

America’s Credit Union Museum

Education Program of the Year:

Children, Saving & Investing


Delaware Financial Literacy Institute

 Education Program of the Year:Adult, General

Adelante con tu future, Educacion Financiera

BBVA Bancomer

Education Program of the Year:

Children, Planning & Money Management

Youth Financial Camp

A+ Federal Credit Union

 Book of the Year:Adult, General

Pocket Change: Using the Science of Personal Change to Improve Financial Habits

by Heidi T. Beckman, PH.D.

Book of the Year:

Children, General

The Money Tree

by LaDonna Smith


Hon. John C. Nifo II

Credit Abuse Resistance Education (CARE)

Book of the Year:

Adult, Money Management

The $1,000 Challenge: How One Family Slashed Its Budget Without Moving Under a Bridge or Living on Government Cheese

by Brian O’Connor

Educator(s) of the Year:

William Daniel

William R. Boone High School

Educator(s) of the Year:

Ingrid Adade

Leominster Credit Union

April 13

Nuevo estudio de MassMutual revela que la educación financiera y la planificación son clave para los hispanos alcanzar el sueño americano


Les persento la importancia de enseñarle sobre el Potencial Millonario que tenemos para lograr obtener el sueño Americano en nuestra familia. Es posible vivir aquí en los EE.UU y no tener deudas de crédito, vehículo, o hipoteca. Yo, Felix A. Montelara lo he logrado y es pero que usted haga lo mismo y pronto.Amonzon Book cover  Espero que disfrutes de la información de estudio por MassMutal y veas que todos tenemos Potencial Millonario.
Felix A. Montelara
Autor & Protagonista: Potencial Millonario

Nuevo estudio de MassMutual revela que la educación financiera y la planificación son clave para los hispanos alcanzar el sueño americano (via PR Newswire)

La encuesta también identifica la desconexión entre lo que los hispanos dicen y hacen cuando se trata de la planificación financiera SPRINGFIELD, PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Para los hispanos parece que la…

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April 12

Boxing Legend Felix “Tito” Trinidad Brought To His Knees By A 68 Million Investment Loss


Posted By Felix A. Montelara

Author: Potencial Millonario

Boxing  legend Felix “Tito” Trinidad is brought to his knees by a 68 million investment loss.  However, the knockout blow may be the reported debt of approximately nine million dollars.

Felix Trinidad, in an attempt to be responsible with his assets obtained a brokerage firm, “Popular Securities,” to manage his well-earned fortune. Now I’m going to explain how it is possible to lose an estimated 68 million dollars even if it is invested by a third party and you (or in this case Trinidad) are not monitoring the account. According to reports, José ‘Pepe’ Ramos was assigned by Popular Securities to handle Trinidad’s account. Ramos invested most if not all the money in bonds, according to news reports in Puerto Rico.  The truth is that until September 2013, this type of investment was not risky on face value. The problem began in September 2013 when the markets (Moody’s and the S&P 500) downgraded Puerto Rico’s bonds to junk bond status, hence reducing Trinidad’s wealth (fortune). It is said that Trinidad began to see losses in his statement. Really? Red flag, anyone?

The second problem is that if it is true that Ramos invested 100% of Trinidad’s money in bonds only, we can all see an issue with assets allocation. In lay man words, Ramos placed all the eggs in one basket (Puerto Rico bonds). The right thing to do was to diversify into many assets across the market and invest in several different market sectors, as I would say, “A little of this and a little of that.” Truth be said it is unknown at this time if Trinidad asked to be conservative with his investments, or even if Ramos was authorized to invest without Trinidad’s consent.   No one knows why Ramos decided to place everything into bonds. It is true that before September 2013, Puerto Rico bonds had good ratings in the market and benefited from a triple tax exemption and could be enticing- or as I would say it would have been “sexy” to invest in them for any portfolio at that time; however, never at 100% of any portfolio.

One must understand that Trinidad is a former professional athlete and a marvelous boxing World Champion. He is not a finance expert. He took prudent steps to preserve his fortune but that was not enough.  The last blow brings Trinidad to his knees by a man without gloves in a suit. The lack of basic personal finance education hurt Trinidad as much as it hurts everyone else. Trinidad would have most likely have avoided this type of situation if he was well trained in personals finances. Its like training for a championship bout and not knowing the opponent.  It is alleged that Trinidad noticed losses on his statement.  In the boxing world that is like telegraphing a cross punch. With personal finance training Trinidad may have seen the knee dropping blow coming his way.   When Trinidad

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received his earning statement reports with some personal finance training he could have determined that all the eggs were in one basket and we all know in personal finances that is not a good thing.

Also with a good personal financial education a millionaire worth 68 plus may have not carried with an estimated nine million in debts. Why would Trinidad? Anyone trained or educated in the basics of personal finance knows that the debt is the most powerful opponent, who most likely provides the knock out blow when you are already down on your knees. But as they say in my neighborhood: “to late,” the money was invested and lost. The only controversy is whether Ramos was authorized by Trinidad to place the eggs in one basket.  Ramos, along with Popular Securities, will defend themselves as if they were in a championship bout and the truth will be known in court.

If you were in Trinidad’s shoes, would you have the know-how to foresee that ultimately it is your responsibility to watch over your money?

Finally, we are celebrating Financial Literacy month in April.  Wise up!   Get educated in personal finance and do not allow yourself to be victimized due to financial ignorance. Remember, we all have “The Potential Millionaire.”

April 12

Potencial Millonario Ep. 24 / The Potential Millionaire Ep. 24


En este episodio hablamos de la mentalidad millonario según T. Harv Eker autor del libro Secrets of the Millionare Mind. Explico paso a paso el secreto de como piensan los ricos versus la persona con la mentalidad pobre. banner-SOMM.jpg

También tenemos la sección “cuidando su dinero” donde tomamos preguntas de que ustedes envían mediante Facebook, Twitter, y Potencialmillonario.com. Escuche especialmente si contestamos su preguntas, o la de  alguien quien usted conoce. Espero que disfrutes del programa, pero sobre todo que aprenda algo, porque todos tenemos Potencial Millonario.
Felix A. Montelara
Autor: Potencial Millonario

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April 12

Los millonarios estadounidenses tienden una mano firme a sus herederos: Te ayudamos, pero abre tu propio camino

Potencial Millonario
Los millonarios estadounidenses tienden una mano firme a sus herederos: Te ayudamos, pero abre tu propio camino (via PR Newswire)

Dejan un legado que incluye dinero, pero se trata de mucho más que eso, según la encuesta de PNC – FILADELFIA, PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Más de cuatro de cada cinco millonarios estadounidenses (el 82 por ciento) coinciden…

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April 11

Felix Tito Trinidad es traído a la rodias por un hombre sin guantes…


Escrito Por Felix A. Montelara
Autor: Potencial Millonario

El tocayo y compatriota Felix Tito Trinidad, asido responsable con su patrimonio. Tito incluso busco un agencia de corretaje, Popular Securities para manejar su fortuna bien ganada. Ahora les voy a explicar como es posible perder un estimado 68 millones de dolares. Según los reportes José ‘Pepe’ Ramos asignado por Popular Securities a manejar la cuenta de Tito, compro o invirtió en Bonos de acciones de Puerto Rico. Lo cierto es que hasta Septiembre 2013, este tipo de inversión no ere arriesgada por si sola. El problema comienza en Setiembre Cuando El mercado (Moody’s & S&P500) declaran los bonos de puerto rico como chatarra haciendo que el patrimonio (fortuna) de tito reduzca. Tito comienza a ver perdidas en su estado de cuenta.

El segundo problema es que según reportado Pepe invirtió todo o la mayoría en solo los bonos. El cual indica que Pepe por alguna razón puso todos los huevos en una canasta (bonos de Puerto Rico) y la canasta cayo. Lo correcto era diversificar el patrimonio de Tito. Osea invertir en diferente sectores del mercado, un poco de esto y poco de aquello. Pero no se sabe porque? Pepe, decidió poner todo en bonos es cierto que antes de Septiembre los bono contaban con una buena calificación del mercado y todavía son exentos (triple) de impuesto y veo entonces lo sexy (atractivo) que eran para cualquier porfolio pero nunca un 100% del porfolio.

Potential Millionaire (Nick)

Potential Millionaire (Nick)

Tenemos que entender que mi tocayo (Tito) es Atleta profesional y como todos nuestro campeo mundial de Boxeo y no es experto en finanzas y tomo pasos prudentes para preservar su patrimonio (fortuna). Y este es el tercer error donde Felix (Tito) Trinidad es traído a la rodias por un hombre sin guantes y con corbata. La educación básica en finanzas personales le hubiera de Tito obtenerla lo mas probable evitaría este tipo de situación. Porque al Tito recibir sus reportes de estado de cuenta hubiera podido determinar que todo sus huevos estaban destinado una canasta y ese es momento de hacerle presuntas a Pepe sobre lo que Pepe estaba haciendo con su dinero.

También con educación financiera personal un millonario con 68 millones invertido no estuviese cargando con un estimado 9 millones en deudas. Porque? el educado en finanzas personales sabe que la deuda es el oponente mayor, el invisible y que te noquean cuando el de la corbata te lleva a las rodillas.

Pero como dicen en mi barrio “to late” el dinero fue invertido y la inversión perdió. La única polémica es si Pepe estaba autorizado por mi tocayo (Tito) a poner todos los huevos en la misma canasta, la verdad saldrá en la corte. Y Popular Securites tendrá defenderse en una campana campal con los abogado de nuestro campeón.

Por si no sabias estamos en el mes de la educación financiera, no seas victima de la ignorancia financiara. Y recuerde que todos tenemos Potencial Millonario.