Product Reviews

To have your product(s) or service considered for testing and review,  a non-returnable sample must be provided in order to provide readers an accurate and honest review. Reviews are free of charge.  They will feature detailed usage by Felix A. Montelara, which typically include:

• Digital Photographs

  • Audio (podcast)

• Video

• Keyword anchored product links

• Purchasing information

*Please Note: Review samples will not be returned.

For all inquiries, please contact Felix A. Montelara at: fmontelara@potencialmillonario. com or fmontelara@potentialmillionaire.net 



The Potential Millionaire/Potencial Millonario reviews products and/or services that meet two criteria:

1. When we approve of a product or service.  We purposely do not review products or services that we don’t believe would are a good fit for our audience.  If you would like for us to review something, email us at fmontelara@potenalmillionaire.net or fmontelara@potencialmillonario.com and we will let you know if we’re interested.  You will get a quick and honest response.

2. Your product or service has to be relevant to our audience.  The Potential Millionaire/Potencial Millonario  reviews are typically published during weekends and are limited to financial type products.  The reviews vary widely so long your product or service is of use and interest to our audience.  On case by case basis The Potential millionaire/Potencial Millonario is compensated for review products and/or cash.


Giveaway Policy

The Potential Millionaire/Potencial Millonario works with brands and public relations agencies to conduct giveaways for a fee or other compensation to be negotiated on a case by case basis.   All giveaways are promoted through the blog, Podcast, Facebook, Twitter, and Goggle Plus platforms.  Depending on the circumstance The Potential Millionaire/Potencial Millonario will partner with other bloggers and podcasters to add value to specific giveaways/promotions in which The Potential Millionaire Media is involved. 



The Potential Millionaire Media abides by word of mouth marketing standards.  We believe in honesty of relationship, opinion and identity.  The compensation received may influence the advertising content, topics or posts made in the blog and Podcast.  Advertising space or post or mention in the podcast will be clearly identified as paid or sponsored content.  Advertisements will also be identified appropriately on all social media through, which The Potential Millionaire Media  serve as extensions of Potentialmillionaire.net/Potencialmillionario.com.  If any of my tweets/posts are ever paid, they will be clearly tagged with the #spship hashtag.



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