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Hi, my name is Felix A. Montelara.  I’m the former co-host of a syndicated weekly Spanish language radio show in the U.S.A.  I am the Author a the personal finance book, “Potencial Millonario”  and creator of the blog The Potential Millionaire.  I host the successful podcast, which is download around the world, “Potencial millonario.”

Book AmazonIt is my desire to personally teach you how to manage and make money  by coaching you through the strategies and straightforward principles that will help make you more successful.  In other words, I want to help you to complete a plan for obtaining control of your financial future where it belongs, in your own capable hands.  

Felix A. Montelara
FTO, Speaker and Writer

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Felix A. Montelara Mentor Millonario from the Podcast The potencial Millionaire Potencial Millonario The Millionaire next door el millionario de al lado BlogMy goal is to help you:

1. Educate you about personal finance
2. Teach you to save and make money
3. Teach you how to obtain short, mid, and long-term personal financial goals

My mission is to help you develop the strategies that help you dominate your money and will be able to provide a better future for you and your family.

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That means teaching you things like:

1. Building an emergency savings account
2. Buying a house
3. Getting out of debt
4. Caring for elderly parents
5. Paying for a child’s college education
6. Saving enough to retire comfortably

If you’re on your way to learning and want to learn more, then you’ve come to the right place. Sign up or to find out more.

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