Listen to my  Story: On the Logratudream.com podcast.

felix police
Felix A. Montelara at work listen to my story on Logra Tu Dream. 


Lauren Gil…Please show Desean and ask him if he remembers this person…

Felix A. Montelara posted a video on Tumblr.

 Mayra Soto de Mundo Travel con Potencial Millonario desde…
  • Beatriz Beltran You too…You don’t know how often Desean and I speak about you and the fun times…remember the crack head??? lol
  • Beatriz Beltran Montelara…just want you to know that you were a wonderful and positive role model for Desean when he was little and you did so much for us….I will forever be in your debt…you have me in tears here…just so everyone knows what a wonderful person you are!!!
  • Felix A. Montelara i member… how can one forget my days as a cop.

  • Beatriz Beltran They were some of the best times ever!!! Love what you are doing now…I have been watching some of your videos…very interesting…


Podcast listener from Alabama

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