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Hi, I am Felix A. Montelara and I truly believe a man should do his best to look better. Sure, we buy expensive shirts, suits, and shoes (three S’s), but is there more?

First impressions in this world are very important.  So, I ask you what have you done to look better?  Yes, I know you have the three S’s. But what about your face: when was the last time you took care of it?

I make every effort to take care of my skin, but my face has imperfections from years of neglect and abuse.  Now if you look at my photo above you see great skin.  Truth be told I use Undercover Makeup for men.  Yes. I use Undercover Makeup skin facial products to keep my face looking at it best.  When I place my best foot forward I also place my best facial skin possible. It goes along with the three S’s.

Hola AmigosMy facial imperfections are so drastic that years of facial treatment alone has not been able to take care of the damage. Therefore, this is when I use Undercover Makeup products, such as foundation and powders.  Yes, it is true- checkout this photo.

I am author, public speaker, and a man that uses Undercover Makeup products when I am out in events.  When out to receptions, conferences or on a cruise I make use of Undercover Makeup products. Family and close friends do not realize I have Undercover Makeup  on.

Felix wearing undercovermakeup
Felix wearing Undercover makeup

I must say I when on a cruise for seven days with a group of amazing podcast professionals like me and used Undercover Makeup every day while on the ship and at port.  These amazing folks did not notice   I was using Undercover Make the entire time I was I thier presences.  At the end of the cruise while at the dinner party, I announced the the group on hand of my secret. Many said, “No you’re not.”  Some even came up close to my face stating,  “Really, I can’t see it” and some just doubted even if I ever used makeup for men.

I invite you to discover what many men have already learned around the world, “First impressions do matter.” It said that Elvis Presley and John Wayne would not go out in public without makeup for men. I say, “Try it you’ll like.” You will thank me for it.

Checkout the full product line for men Below.  If you have any questions feel free ask. Your information will not be shared.

Felix A. Montelara,
The Millionaire Next Door
Producer: ThePotentialMillioniare.com

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