Is it Christian to want to be a millionaire?

By Felix A. Montelara, Author: Potencial Millonario

This is a question that has come up in my email and phone conversations.  If a Christian wants to be rich, is he or she serving two masters?  We are all familiar with the Biblical texts (for example Luke 16:13) which council that we cannot serve two masters, and if we try we will end up taking sides: pitting one against the other in our hearts and actions.  With this strict advice and warning, we must be careful to examine just what we are doing when we strive to fulfill the Potential Millionaire in all of us.

Let me make it clear:  I do not want you to serve God and money.  I want you to serve God, and let your money serve you.  I firmly believe that God sets before all of us wonderful opportunities every day, and these opportunities can lead us to great wealth and well-being.  We must recognize them, choose them, and be thankful to God for them.  The personal finance strategies that I recommend and employ are really stewardship principles, in which I am helping you recognize, understand, and avail yourselves of the opportunities that God sets before you every day.  It is through this process that we all realize the Potential Millionaire status that God sets at our table- we must choose His blessings in order to manifest this lifestyle for ourselves.  By serving God, by making him number one in our lives, we become aware of his teachings, blessings, and actions in our lives.  That’s when doors start opening in our financial future.
Money is a gift from God, and we must make it serve us in a God-like way.  We must never become greedy, take what is not ours, or act at the expense of others.  Money is a powerful tool with which to serve others, help those less fortunate than us, and spread the Word of God.

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