Financial Freedom Prayer

By Felix A. Montelara

Author: Potential Millionaire

My Angel

Are you feeling financially broken?  Does a lack of money cause stress in your life and arguments between you and loved ones?  Do you find your mind wandering to thoughts of how you will make your utility payments, grocery bills, or other financial obligations when you should be focused on other tasks?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, it may be time to really lift these worries up to God in prayer. Prayer? You would probably tell me that you pray about this all the time. But I challenge you to be truthful with yourself right now.  What are you really asking God for?  Are you asking for more money, less bills, miracles?  Are you asking because your’re at the end of your rope, or because you’re at the beginning of your climb? You see, it makes a difference.

How are you approaching God right now, in this moment?  Is it in desperation, or in communication?  Communication, my friends, is what we need right now with God- and that involves you asking, and then listening to His answer.   Allow me to suggest a new prayer for your financial life- one that asks for instructions.  Let’s go to God in communication, asking for direction and listening for the response.  In addition, it may be time to involve the other people in your life who are affected by your money stress: your spouse, children, or other family members.  Be open with them, begin the conversation about money stress with letting them join in this prayer time.  Let the topic end there- sleep on it and listen to God’s response in your life.
Let’s begin with a quiet reflection on the Bible in Matthew 7:7, “Ask, and it will be given you; search, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened for you.”
Leader: Holy Father, we come to you as children, as students needing guidance.  We lift up the concerns in our hearts, and ask for your divine guidance.  We pray to the Lord,
All: Lord hear our prayer.
Leader: Holy Father, give us the courage to speak openly and honestly to each other about our money issues, and help us to be calm and caring in our conversation.  We pray to the Lord,
All: Lord hear our prayer.
Leader: Holy Father, humble our hearts and remind us that your son, Jesus Christ, came from the poorest of beginnings but was still the King of Kings.  Teach us to live within our means, to budget our funds, and to spend wisely on what we truly need. We pray to the Lord,
All: Lord hear out prayer.
Leader:  Holy Father, forgive us for our mistakes, and help us to forgive each other.  Release us from the burden of debt we have unwisely chained to ourselves.  Release us from our anxiety about money.  Release us from the tension that strangles our relationships.  We pray to the Lord,
All: Lord hear our prayer.
Leader:  Holy Father, make our minds and hearts still so that we can listen to your instructions.  Guide us to make good decisions, be with us when we choose, let us hear your council.  We pray to the Lord,
All: Lord hear our prayer.
Leader:  Thank you, Holy Father, for this time together.  Let this moment be a new beginning.  Let this moment cleanse us and heal us.  Let us breathe in your spirit and let us pick up our cross, knowing, Father, that you help us carry it.  In Jesus’ name we pray,
Financial Freedom Prayer