Golden Rule #4 From The Book Potencial Millionaire- Spend Less Than You Earn

By Felix A. Montelara

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Spend less than you earn, Golden Rule #4

From Potencial Millonaro by Felix A. Montelara

I a moment I will tell you the secret to winning in the game of personal finances

The secret is that you have to generate more income than expenses . In other words you have to make more money versus the money you spend. Simple right?

A survey conducted by the American payrolls Association indicates that 72 % of families in the US would find it difficult to pay their monthly debts if their pay checks were stoped fr a short period of time .An example of this is  the recent Federal government closure  I received several calls for consultations people living paycheck to paycheck . These people were desperate because they could not make their monthly payments when their payroll salary stopped during the shutdown.  The folks asked what can I do now?  How can I prevent making late payments that will cost me more later?  I advised them  to communicate with  their lender and reach an agreement since this situation was temporary. I also advised that the ask family such as their parent to loan them money short term with the understanding that they would get reimbursed once the government reopened.

Now let’s talk about the situation where the discontinuation of your check or payroll salary is interrupted for an extended period of time, such disability without pay, a closure of the company, or an unexpected layoff.  Then the alternatives are different. These are the reasons why you have to spend less than you earn. Let’s take for example a family of four generating $5,000 a month. What do you think they would say if asked . How much do you spend each month? Most likely the answer is  going to be $ 5,000. Hey why not ?Now we have another family of four with an income of $6,500 per month. They are generating  $1,500 more than the first family What do you think will be the answer when they ask how much they spend each month? Yeah probably $6,500 . Why not?

No matter what the income of people it is our nature to spend de maximum of our income to maintain a certain lifestyle. In other words, people elevate their lifestyles as much as possible to the point of living beyond its what they earn, and accumulate substantial debts to kept that lifestyle. However it is a lifestyle you can not afford .

Then I wonder…

What happened to the extra $ 1,500 that was earned the second family ? Why can they not make ends meet. It’s simple they don’t have the millionaire mindset. The millionaire mindset is a philosophy that is accompanied very different lifestyle from the one described n this program  Nevertheless, the problem is evident  as the survey says 72% of our families live paycheck to paycheck. So, If you want to win with money the fundamental rule or what I call the secret with getting ahead financially is to spend less than you earn. This is true whether you are earning minimum wage  or you are making millions. This  may be common sense , but certainly not a common habit f most folks.

You have to educate yourself about the philosophy of the Millionaire Mind and apply the concepts like spending less than you earn. I ask do you have the millionaire mindset? and me know your opinion at 334 357 6410 and we will it along on the radio. But above all remember that we all have the potential millionaire within us.

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