Professional Woman Don’t let your Job Define You

How do we define work today?  Women are underpaid, undervalued, and unnoticed in today’s society.

The Potential Millionaire Felix A. Montelara The Millionaire Next Door Podcast Blog
The Potential Millionaire Felix A. Montelara The Millionaire Next Door Podcast Blog

I was raised by a working woman (Mom) and I remember her  picking me and my brother up from the sitter, taking us home and have to work on getting everything ready for the next.

But she never let her work define her, while at home she was Mom, sweet, and loving.  In today’s program I pay homage to all the women that go out to work everyday to make thier kids and thier personal lives better.

Women, as you well know are not like men, which may have a second person or the support to help with trivial things when “life happens” and  gets in the way of work.  This may make it harder on working woman to stay longer term at one job.  Women go through stages in life such as having a baby, which may make thier jobs challenging since they also have to raise the baby.  All this may lead to them taking more time off and just leaving the workforce a period of time. This society today does not comply with.

working woman attire with the Potential Millionaire Felix A. Montelara Millionaire next door
Working Woman Attire

Making these demands on working mothers harder to succeed at work. However, there are a few things that could be done to better by employers.  So,  a professional woman’s work life should not define her life and  defining  what success may look like will surely be helpful. Here is a Forbes Article by contributor Peggy Dexter.

Forbes Felix A. Montelara The Potential Millionaire Podcast & Blog
Forbes Woman

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