TEDxManagua – Empower, Elaine Miranda / Personal Finance -TEDx

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Hello Potential Millionaire community, today we have a special post.  A few weeks ago I was participating in the No. 1 event in personal finance in the United States of America FINCON15.

I had the opportunity to share with financial pros, the hardcore financial bloggers and podcasters such as Phillip Taylor (PT Money), Pat Flynn (Smart Passive Income), and Steve Stewart (Money Plan SOS). However, what I really most enjoyed was meeting several Latinos who were present at FINCON15:

Note: Alejando Fernandez (Not in Photo)
Note: Alejando Fernandez (Not in Photo)
  • Josiah Ortiz of the Dominican Republic, blogger of “Finance and Projects”
  • Juan Camilo from Colombia of the Accendo Finance
  • Alejandro Fernandez of the Dominican Republic, blogger of Argentarium

But there was a young person from Nicaragua who has gained extensive experience through what we in the Potential Millionaire community know as  “Millionaire Mindset.”

  • Elaine Miranda Blogger of Plata y Platica definitely has mastered the  Millionaire Mindset, so much so that recently Elaine Miranda was one of the speakers at TEDxManagua 2015, where she exposed her doctrine on the Nicaraguan personal finance situation.

I invite you to see her participation in TEDx through the lens of Potential Millionaire TV.   Elaine Miranda TEdxManagua speaks to all Latinos  around the world who speak Spanish.  I have applied the concepts, which Elaine Miranda asks us to raise our fingers at financial actions we should be taking.

TEDxManagua – Empower, Elaine Miranda / Personal Finance -TEDx

Congrats to all Podcasters on the International Podcast Day 

Felix Face HNLEAI have reached financial freedom and the only thing I want is for you to accomplish the same.  Through the application of the concepts of Elaine Miranda, I know that they will take you closer to your dreams.  I invite you to hear more about the Millionaire Mindset in our community podcast, the Potential Millionaire.   I hope you enjoy the video and learn something. I only ask that you put into practice what you’ve learned. Remember, we all are potential millionaires!

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