The Potential Millionaire Podcast

Your Virtual Host Big Brother Ray Collazo welcomes financial guru Felix Montelara of Potential Millionaire. The Author of The Potential Millionaire shares his journey from a poor child in Puerto Rico to financial freedom.

Felix and Ray discuss the mental hurdles one must overcome for wealth to become possible in your life.  Montelara explains the spiritual and cultural elements that one must embrace to transition yourself into the millionaire you are meant to be.

Ray and Felix also discuss with guest Christian Abad how we should truly define our success and create a life that puts family first.

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Other highlights from today’s episode of Big Brother Rays Podcast:

Roots of Potential Millionaire Journey

The moment as a youth that Felix decided to focus his energy on building financial freedom.
How Felix learned to manage his finances.

What former New York Met Mookie Wilson taught Felix that guided his whole life.

Why having extra money became Felix’ biggest challenge.

How Felix made his own luck as he became a millionaire step by step.
The biggest regret of Felix’s journey.

Principles of Potential Millionaire

Why you deserve to be wealthy.

Two words that are critical to breaking through the Millionaire mindset.

What are the biggest keys to becoming a millionaire?

The first step in your financial journey to becoming a millionaire.

Why a GPS is most important tool in your financial journey.

What many people do to sabotage themselves from becoming a millionaire?

Overview of Felix’s 10 golden rules.

Personal Side of Wealth Building

Why intersection of your heart and money is so important.

The REAL correlation between money and your personal definition of success.

The similarities between a romantic relationship and a relationship with your own personal finances.

How money ultimately impacts the person you become (not what you expect).

Cultural Issues Impacting Potential Latino Millionaires

Latino cultural issues we need to work through to improve financial practices.

When Latinos often talk about money and why this must change.

How Latinos can overcome the spiritual hurdles between making money and religiosity.

A Spanish phrase that sums up many people’s attitudes towards personal finances

What’s biggest question/concern Felix receives from his fans?