Are You One of the TSP Millionaires?

 Are you one of the 208 TSP Millionaires? Yes it is possible and guess what 208 Federal Employees have done it.   According to Mike Causey WFED.

Latest: April 13, 2015 2:59 am
A large number of feds became millionaires the hard way. Investing over time. They invested the maximum amount allowed and stuck with the stock-market indexed funds through good times and bad.

Bad, when you are buying stocks, is good.

During the recession, those who kept putting tax-deferred dollars into the C, S and I funds saw their accounts shrivel up. For a time. A long time for many. They bought low, when stocks were in effect “on sale” and now they are seeing the payoff.

Last week we heard from a recently retired fed. He put in 28 years with Uncle Sam and, obviously, was a steady investor. His account balance stands at $1,068,000.00. He wonders how this compares with other investors. Well, he’s in very good company, but the millionaires club is growing almost every day. So where do you stand?

Here’s the breakdown:

2.798 million workers (and military personnel) have balances under $50,000.
A whopping 1.426 million have between $50,000 and $249,999.
375,472 have accounts between $250,000 and $499,999.
95,664 have TSP accounts worth between $500,000 and $749,000.
21,485 are in the $750k to $990,999k range.

And there is a mystery person with more than $4.8 million that is fast-approaching the $5 million mark. So the obvious question is who is he or she?

Logical question.

Good question, but there’s just one thing…

I don’t know! His or her identity is unknown. But, if you happen to be him or her, and you want to share your secrets with millions of inquiring minds, email me!

Are You One of the TSP Millionaires?

Enjoy, Felix A. Montelara Author: Potential Millionaire

Are You One of the TSP Millionaires?

Update: From Mike Causey | @mcauseyWFEDhow do we stack up against the 4,167 feds who have $1 million-plus accounts? Or the 21,000 who are almost there and the 21,458 whose account balances are between $750,000 and $999,999?”

As you can see we went from  208 TSP Millionaire in 2012 to 4,167 in 2015. I will keep updating this page as time goes by.

Are You One of the TSP Millionaires?

I hope this opens your mind to the possible.  Let me know if you are approaching the 21,458 or if you are one of the 4167 already there.

It matters because we all are Potential Millionaires.

Best regards,

Felix A. Montelara
Are You One of the TSP Millionaires?