Felix A. Montelara Featured in Book “Logra Tu Dream”

First- Why is my story featured in Arturo Nava’s book? 

Felix Face HNLEAWell according to the book reviews here is what is being said:

“…without a doubt that it is possible for anybody in our community to achieve their highest aspirations if they
embrace the mindset of success, work very hard and take action in pursuit of their dreams.”- Manny Ruiz, Founder Hispanicize

“…a Si Se Puede attitude and to develop our full potential both individually and collectively.” Gaby Natale, President Super Latina TV

“This book is a much needed roadmap for millions of Latinos and Latinas who work incredibly hard every day to give their families a better future…” -Lizza Monet Morales, top Latina influencer, actress, TV host and content creator
Felix A. Montelara Featured in Book “Logra Tu Dream”

Second- What is Logra tu Dream

logratudreamA podcast in which successful Latino and Latin inspired entrepreneurs and leaders will share their journey to making their American dream a reality. Accompanied by a book which shows how 50 successful Latino(a)s in America Turned their dreams into reality.

Felix A. Montelara Featured in Book “Logra Tu Dream”

Third- Who is Arturo Nava 

Arturo Nava is a Brand Builder, Author and a top podcast in a mission to help Latinos & Latinas achieve their American Dream.
Arturo was born and raised in Mexico City and came to the US in the late nineties to follow his American Dream to build better life and start a family. Once in the US Arturo became an entrepreneur and brand builder.
Book AmazonAfter his first venture didn’t work he spent 13 years marketing top brands in the Latino and General Market at Fortune-500 companies like P&G, MillerCoors and “Marketealo” his own consulting firm.  He is currently the Marketing Director of Nuestro Queso an Illinois Hispanic dairy company.

Felix A. Montelara Featured in Book “Logra Tu Dream”

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Felix A. Montelara Featured in Book “Logra Tu Dream”