Institute for Financial literacy- #ACFE2015 Tweets

Here is a what attendees were tweeting about during the #ACFE2015 in San Antonio TX. Keep the conversation going #ACFE2015 10th anniversary.

  1. Leader Jane Rooney spoke on strengthening in Canada at the conference:

    will be ending today. Let the work of fin edu continue all year.

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    1. MT keynote speaker Jane Rooney is answering questions. Please ask!

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    1. MT Rooney speaking on strengthening & needs of Cdians

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  2. La J. Rooney fera son 1er discours à l’international dans un instant! Conf. annuelle sur l’éducation financière

  3. Annual Conference on Financial Education 2015 theme is 2.0 – ensuring effective outcomes

    1. Thrilled w/ our 2 awards for Protecting You & Your Money and Post-Secondary program

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    1. Bravo pour les 2 prix remportés ajd’hui à la Conf annuelle sur la

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  4. excellent session on credit report scoring from Experian.

    1. Annual Conference of Financial Educators San Antonio, Tx. Excellent training.

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  5. In San Antonio for financial literacy!

  6. Getting my learnin on in San Antonio.

  7. Here in beautiful San Antonio for . Looking forward to meeting & learning from other & advocates!