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5 ways to save while back-to-school shopping

Source Americasaves.org

Families sending children back to school in the fall plan to spend a record $917 per child,according to a new Rubicon survey. So why the high price tag? It turns out over a third of families’ budgets are expected to go to technology.

In addition to spending more, parents are starting their back-to-school shopping earlier. In fact, more than a third have started. The good news is there’s more than enough time to get the shopping done and save some money in the process. Here are five ways to save money while back-to-school shopping:

1. Set up a neighborhood swap meet

Gather your neighbors with kids around the same age and size for a swap meet. Here’s how it works: everyone brings gently used clothing, books, and school supplies, and receives a ticket for each item they bring. Each ticket entitles you to one item from the swap meet. If you contribute six books, you can leave with up to six new-to-you books. If you contribute seven items of clothing, you can leave with up to seven new-to-you items of clothing. All leftover items are donated.

2. Offer your kids a bargain bonus

Teach good savings habits and encourage your children to reuse old school supplies or find good deals at nearby retailers by offering a “bargain bonus,” or set percentage of the money you save. So if they’re able to reuse all their old colored pencils, offer half of what you would pay in the store to buy them new. When school starts, open up a savings account for those funds or add the bargain bonus to the kids’ existing savings account.

3. Wait it out

We know that it’s tempting to get back-to-school shopping checked off your list, but in this case, being the early bird could cost you. According to the National Retail Federation, the best deals on schools supplies are usually available in August closer to school start dates.

And be sure to think through if each purchase needs to be made before the first day of school. Certainly take advantage of bargain basement pricing that’s offered on things like paper and pencils before the school year, but clothing and technology are often less expensive after the back-to-school rush. There will be good deals on clothes during Columbus Day in October, and if you can hold out long enough, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are a good time to buy tablets and laptops.

4. Make a budget and stick to it

The first step to saving more efficiently is to keep track of what you spend and budget. To get started, keep a careful record of all (and we mean all) of your spending for a month. One method is to save all your bills and receipts over the month and stack them into categories like “utilities” and “groceries.” Or download our free budgeting worksheet here. Be sure to create categories for back to school and holiday shopping sprees so that you’re saving up for those budget busters throughout the year.

5. Put your savings to work

Savvy shoppers can save big bucks by taking advantage of back-to-school sales and comparison shopping for the best prices. But don’t just spend less, put the money you save into a savings account to plan for college expenses, retirement, or an emergency fund that can leave you financially better off.

Learn to Podcast At Hispanicize 2016 n Miami, FL

Presentador del Podcast Felix A. Montelara

I’m speaking “The Best New Old Thing: How To Launch a Successful Podcast” at Hispanicize 2016.http://sched.co/6F7i @hispanicize #hispz16

In this session you will learn:

● How to launch a podcast

● Equipment and tools you will need

● Developing podcast show ideas

● Turning shows into content for your social platforms

● How to grow your audience

● Monetize your podcasts

● How to avoid costly and time consuming mistakes


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Institute for Financial literacy #ACFE2015 Photo Gallery

#ACFE2015 Photo Gallery

Here are photos from the Institute for Financial literacy #ACFE2015 event in San Antonio, Tx.  Photos from  the main Keynote (Jane Rooney) are included, IMG_2435some of the breakout sessions and the sponsor hall.   Please note the EIFLE Award winners and the after hours event on the “Paseo del Rio” better know as the River Walk.  I hope you enjoy the view and if you spot yourself please leave a reflection in the comment section below.

Best regards,Book Amazon

Felix A. Montelara, Author Potencial Millonario

#ACFE2015 Photo Gallery

Institute for Financial literacy- #ACFE2015 Tweets

Here is a what attendees were tweeting about during the #ACFE2015 in San Antonio TX. Keep the conversation going #ACFE2015 10th anniversary.

  1. Leader Jane Rooney spoke on strengthening in Canada at the conference:

    will be ending today. Let the work of fin edu continue all year.

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    1. MT keynote speaker Jane Rooney is answering questions. Please ask!

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    1. MT Rooney speaking on strengthening & needs of Cdians

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  2. La J. Rooney fera son 1er discours à l’international dans un instant! Conf. annuelle sur l’éducation financière

  3. Annual Conference on Financial Education 2015 theme is 2.0 – ensuring effective outcomes

    1. Thrilled w/ our 2 awards for Protecting You & Your Money and Post-Secondary program

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    1. Bravo pour les 2 prix remportés ajd’hui à la Conf annuelle sur la

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  4. excellent session on credit report scoring from Experian.

    1. Annual Conference of Financial Educators San Antonio, Tx. Excellent training.

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  5. In San Antonio for financial literacy!

  6. Getting my learnin on in San Antonio.

  7. Here in beautiful San Antonio for . Looking forward to meeting & learning from other & advocates!


Jesus Anointed by a Sinful Woman

By Felix A. Montelara

Author & Host of The Potential Millionaire

Luke 7:36-50 / New International Version (NIV)

In the last episode of Potential Millionaire, I talked to you about changing your paradigm which means changing the way you see the world.  A paradigm is world view, and sometimes we need to modify what we see in life, so that we can change our bad behaviors into good ones.  There is a saying that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks- but I think you can, if you are willing to see the world in a different way.  Change is difficult, especially when a person has developed a behavior that has become habitual.  Can people change?  Yes, but it can be a difficult process, and it means constantly working to behave differently.   A paradigm shift may be as drastic as radically altering how we live and act, such as cutting up credit cards so you can’t spend money you don’t have-or it can be as minor as seeing things differently.  For example, do you need to view money as your servant, instead of being a slave to the almighty dollar?  Either way, a paradigm shift goes right along with New Year’s Resolutions- for how can your resolution to do things differently ever succeed, unless you are willing to change how you see the world, unless you are willing to prioritize differently, and unless you are willing to change what is important to you?

 There are many interesting passages in the Bible about paradigm shifts, or in other words, about people making drastic changes to their lives.  After all, many Bible stories are about sinners who find redemption, and resolve to continue their lives in a new direction.  In addition, there are many Bible stories about debt- because Jesus often compared debt, or owing a person money, to sin, which is making a bad choice when you know it is wrong.  In Luke 7:36-50, we are told the story of when Jesus has his feet washed by a sinful woman. 20130724_112110  Jesus had been invited to the home of Simon, who was a Pharisee, and encountered what was probably a prostitute.  The woman wept and wet Jesus’ feet with her tears, dried them with her hair, and anointed his feet with perfume.  The Pharisee was astounded, and doubted Jesus, thinking that “If this man were a prophet, he would know who is touching him and what kind of woman she is—that she is a sinner.”  Jesus seemed to read his mind, and told the Pharisee a parable about two people who had their debts (one large and one small) forgiven for free by the lender, because neither debtor had the money to repay the debts.  Jesus asked the Pharisee, “Now which of them will love him more?”  The Pharisee told Jesus, “I suppose the one who had the bigger debt forgiven.”  Jesus agreed, but then made an important point about the sinful woman.  Jesus told the Pharisee that he was a person who had sinned little, but he also loved only a little, because the Pharisee did not wash Jesus’ feet, or perfume his body.  Jesus then said that the woman, although very sinful, had washed and perfumed him, showing much love to Jesus.  Jesus said, Therefore, I tell you, her many sins have been forgiven—as her great love has shown. But whoever has been forgiven little loves little.”  Jesus then said to the woman, “Your faith has saved you; go in peace.”  We are then left to assume that the woman’s life has forever changed- because Jesus not only forgave her sins, but he did so in front of a crowd of important people.  She now had the opportunity for a paradigm shift- her whole world had changed.  She had the opportunity to leave behind her old, sinful life of prostitution and begin a new life.  Would it be easy?  No, I don’t think so.  But it is important to remember that Jesus gave her the opportunity to change- and she had to make it happen.

We are likewise given opportunities to change the way we see the world, but it is up to us implement these changes, to stay the course, to commit to the changes.  We all make mistakes, but these mistakes can be forgiven.  But like the woman in the Bible, we must return love to God when we are given forgiveness- we must act on our opportunities and show that we have changed.

In this New Year, do you need to forgive yourself for some past money mistakes?  Do you need to see things differently?  Do you need to take advantage of opportunities and prove that you have seen the errors of your ways?  It is possible for everyone to learn about money, to make it work for them, to become wealthy, to become debt free.  In order to do these things, we need to change how we view money, spending, and debt.  We need to seize the opportunities that God puts before us- if you are learning how to manage your money and live debt free- will repay God with love and be dedicated enough to do it?

Jane Rooney- Canada’s First Financial Literacy Leader


From the Office of;

John C. Linfield

Executive Director

Institute for Financial Literacy


Financial Literacy 2.0 – Ensuring Effective Outcomes

Click Here for 2015 Agenda

Don’t miss the opportunity to showcase your organization at the conference! 


Sponsorship Opportunities


This years Conference provides the perfect platform for those looking to come face to face with attendees from across the country that provide financial literacy services through the education of grades K-College, thought the banking industry, the military and many others working to bring Financial Literacy to the forefront.  It’s a wonderful way to support professional development in our industry, raise visibility for the work you are doing, and network with many professionals in the field.

Sponsor Benefits

  • Support professional development for financial educators and counselors
  • Exhibit/Display tables to raise the visibility of your organization, product or service
  • Complimentary admission to all sessions
  • Dedicated time with conference attendees each day
  • Networking opportunities with financial educators from around the world
  • Recognition in conference materials

If your company is interested in sponsoring the Annual Conference on Financial Education, please contact John Linfield, Executive Director at JLinfield@financiallit.org or call us at (207) 221-3613

About this years Conference

Our Keynote, Jane Rooney is Canada’s first Financial Literacy Leader. Appointed in April 2014, Ms. Rooney works to coordinate financial literacy initiatives by collaborating with stakeholder groups across the country. Her goal is to strengthen the knowledge, skills and confidence of Canadians in dealing with financial matters. The Financial Literacy Leader position is a Governor in Council appointment. Ms. Rooney acts under the instructions of the Commissioner of the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC).
Along with Ms. Rooney’s Keynote, programs include developing methods and metrics for classrooms and social media; using strategic partnerships to design and develop financial literacy programs using a university example, and using behavioral economics to incentivize savings at tax time, just to name a few.

In addition, for our 10th anniversary celebration we’re making changes to keep things fresh, exciting and informative.

More Content. We’re adding half a day to the schedule! The first day of the conference will now be a full day rather than our traditional half-day.

More Depth. We’re extending session lengths so presenters and attendees can explore topics in more depth than ever before.

More Practical. We’re re-focusing concurrent session tracks on specific areas of knowledge and skills development, such as Behavioral Economics, Program Development, and Outcome Measurement.

More Hands-On. We’re adding a 2-hour facilitated roundtable workshop so you can brainstorm with your fellow attendees and presenters to develop actionable steps to bring home and begin implementing immediately.

More Networking. We’re adding structured networking opportunities to better support you in meeting new peers, developing professional relationships and identifying potential partnerships. We’re also adding a 1-hour Sponsor Fair to give you more time to speak with sponsors and evaluate the industry resources, products and services that are available.


More Social. We’re adding a low-stress social event so you can “kick back and relax” with fellow attendees and enjoy our host city.


More Value. Despite these changes, the registration fee will remain the same low rate for the third year in a row, giving you even more value for your dollar. Attendance at the annual EIFLE Awards Dinner and Keynote Luncheon will still be included in the basic registration fee.

Please join us to celebrate 10 years of our collective hard work on improving financial literacy in ourselves, our communities and our nation. We look forward to seeing you there!

Check the conference website for our full schedule .


Best regards,

Nominations- EIFLE Award 2015- Are Now Being Accepted

Blogged By: The Potential Millionaire

Honor Excellence. Inspire Achievement.

  • Has a program, book, game, organization or individual created long-term change to your financial attitude and behavior?
  • Do you know of an educator who goes above and beyond to help students understand and practice sound money management concepts?
  • Is there an organization working to make effective financial education ubiquitous in your community?
  • Have you read a book, for either children or adults, that made financial literacy concepts accessible and actionable?
  • Have you participated in an education program, for either children or adults, which you feel deserves special recognition?
    Do you know of a game that makes financial literacy fun and educational?
  • Have you read a research paper that shed new light on financial literacy education?

Nominate that educator, organization, book, education program, game or research paper for an EIFLE Award! EIFLE logo

Each year, the Institute for Financial Literacy presents the Excellence In Financial Literacy Education (EIFLE) Awards to individuals and organizations that have shown exceptional innovation, dedication and commitment to the field of financial literacy education.

The work of these authors, educators, organizations and researchers inspires others to strive toward excellence as well, increasing the availability and effectiveness of financial literacy education in communities across the country.

The deadline to submit nominations is January 30, 2015. Nomination guidelines and forms can be found at EIFLEawards.org or by calling (207) 221-3663.

2015 EIFLE Awards
EIFLE logoNomination Deadline, January 30, 2015 

Awards Presentation: April 1, 2015

Grand Hyatt Hotel San Antonio, TX

We are excited to announce our 10th Annual Conference on Financial Education.

For more information, please visit our Conference website at www.ACFEonline.org.

April 1-3, 2015

The Annual Conference on Financial Education promotes the effective delivery of consumer financial products, services and education by hosting a national event for professionals providing these services.ACFElogo

Register Today!

Attendee Registration
Sponsorship Registration
Hotel Reservations

22 Cottage Road South Portland, ME 04106



(207) 221-3615

Hispanics TweetCharla #CreditoyMas: Tuesday, October 21 at 5 p.m. ET.

Potencial Millonario invites you to join Experian  on a Tweetcharla at #CreditoyMas on Twitter this Tuesday, October 21 at 5 p.m. ET.

The Experian folks will be talking with Virginia Zigras – Deputy Chief of Staff & Counsel for Congressman Tony Cárdenas,  Felix Montelara – Host of the Program Potencial Millonario, Isaias Hernandez, Special Program Coordinator, Financial Literacy & Financial Stability Assett Building Program, Mexican Opportunity Foundation,  Rod Griffin – Director of Public Education at Experianand leaders in the Hispanic community. join us!

Topic: Credit and Financial Literacy in the Hispanic Community

When: Tuesday, October 21 at 5 p.m. ET

Easy ways to chat with us on Twitter: Twubs or Tchat

As more Hispanics gain access to credit and credit cards, they will continue to play an expanding role in the American economy. However, there are still many Hispanics who prefer to use cash and lack access to credit and financial education.

A 2013 survey by the National Council of la Raza shows that two out of 10 Latinos in the United States don’t use banks—a higher rate than Asians and African-Americans. They are also highly likely to rely on predatory payday loans and high-priced check-cashing services.  Join us to discuss the current landscape and how the Hispanic community can become more financially empowered.

Questions we’ll discuss:

  • 1. What are the challenges Hispanics face in becoming more financially empowered?
  • 2. Why are so many Hispanics unbanked using cash only vs. using credit?
  • 3. What are the first steps Hispanics can take to establish credit?
  • 4. What are some of the common concerns among Hispanics about using credit?
  • 5. What kind of credit information and resources would be most helpful to Hispanic small business owners?
  • 6. What are some of the common misconceptions Hispanics have about credit?
  • 7. What are some best practices to reach Hispanics with financial information?
  • 8. Hispanic consumers tend to over-index on smartphone and mobile application use, so will mobile banking and payment products be an important channel to engage them?
  • 9. What are the best ways to reach Hispanic youth to get them started early on the way to financial literacy?
  • 10. What are some of the biggest misconceptions among Hispanics about credit?

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