Shutdown Day 10, October 2013

Government shutdown day 10-  The Hill is talking with White house Staffers and earlier today President Obama meet with 20 Republicans. As you know by know they are negotiating the issue of the debt ceiling.  Needless to say stocks skyrocketed today as investors were encouraged by talk of a deal that may avert a U.S. government default.  The Dow Jones industrial average jumped 323 points, or 2.2%, to 15,126 .  The Standard & Poor’s 500 index gained 37 points, or 2.2%, to 1,693 and the Nasdaq composite index skyrocketed 83, or 2.3%, to 3,761. What does mean for you? Your TSP, 401K, 457, or 403b made some real money, enjoy. 😉

For my fellow co-workers you will receive a pay check, but if you where originally furloughed it will have about 48 hours of pay.  If you were deemed essential will have you 80 hours, congrats. 😉   In my personal case 48 hours is coming tomorrow. I was not deemed essential until after day 8.  I am hearing stories of Federal employees that will not be able to pay theirs bills with 48 hours of pay. Furthermore many are not sure if they will be able to a mortgage if the next pay check has zero hours.

I have been working this week not sure if I will receive a pay check at the end of next pay period. I have not had a chance to work on my book Potential Millionaire LE edition but here is an excerpt that may help you in the future when you have an unforeseen no pay check.

Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) for winning with money:

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Felix with daugther Anya and son Nicasio (Nick)
  • Personnel will not spend more than you bring home



  • Personnel should create passive income
  • Personnel may earn more income
  • Personnel must not have debt
  • Personnel should have a budget
  • Personnel must establish emergency fund
  • Personnel must participate in the retirement plan
  • Personnel will insure assets and life
  • Personnel should not place all your investments in one nest egg
  • Personnel should not mortgage you life away
  • Personnel should save for your children education fund
  • Personnel must have all legal/financial documents in order in case of  an unforeseen emergency

When SOP is followed and applied appropriately financial freedom will be achieved and you will win with money.  Please kept in mind these SOPs, since they are only talking about the debt ceiling not re-opening the government.

I appreciate you viewing my blog.

Best regards,

Felix A. Montelara

Author: Potential Millionaire